boss chorus ce-3 manual

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boss chorus ce-3 manual

boss chorus ce-3 manual

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The stock CE-3 can be a little on the subtle side, with this mod you have greater maximum depth, without losing any of the more shallow settings. Hi Fidelity Mod: Change out the stock op-amps with socketed high quality audio grade op-amps and change out the input and output caps with high quality film caps for greater retention of tone and lower noise. Takes a mass produced effect and gives it the sonic quality of boutique chorus pedals costing twice as much. WARNING: Performing this mod will void any warranty your pedal may have. This is a kit to modify your pedal and there is not a pedal included.Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Please try again later. Paul Verticchio 5.0 out of 5 stars It's a kit to modify the circuit board level components. You don't have to be an electronics guru (btw: an electrician and an electronics tech are TWO entirely different things) to complete this mod. The components in the kit are of superior quality and the instructions are clear and concise. The improvement in the sound and function of the pedal are astounding. The time it takes to do the mod (assuming one knows how to solder well) is about an hour and 20 minutes when working carefully (the ONLY way to work). The extra bright blue LED is gravy:) On stage, I can now tell when the effect is engaged. At the Amazon asking price, it's almost a give-away deal. I'm recommending Fromel kits to ALL of my customers. My next purchase will be the Supreme Mod kit for my personal Fender (USA) Blues Deluxe. I am SO looking forward to that. Paul Verticchio Guitar Improvements LTD Jacksonville, ILWhat a difference! Gone is the sterile new wave sound of the 80s - the kit turns the CE-3 truly into a CHORUS pedal with deep, warm and lush sounds. My technician and I also found the detailed instructions with color photos very convincing and it took him about an hour to do the job. You will get what the product description tells you - it's worth the buck. I also was amazed about the speedy delivery to Europe.I have some soldering experience. I have to admit it took me almost three hours to complete the job. I would install one component and then test it. The hardest part was the two IC sockets. It's quite challenging to de-solder it. After all was done I was a happy camper. Now the sound.every statement on this will make your CE-3 int a boutique chorus is actually true. I wasn't expecting that. The bottom end is preserved when chorus is engaged. No volume drop. No more metallic sound. It pretty much a new pedal. I highly recommend it.Much more control over the sound, faster speed (even spaceship sounds!) and richer tone. I am able to dial out the ice picky clanginess that detracted from the overall sound, turning this into old-school analog chorus. I docked a star because the directions could have been clearer and the photos representing the kit a little more.representative. But overall very pleased.I am pretty good when it comes to soldering making leads etc. This was so difficult yet there is no mention in the listing. My advice is stay well away. Something went wrong. Very good condition. ?59.00 Make offer - BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal. Very good condition. Go to next slide - Make an offer Fresh Deals this Way Find what you’re looking for, for even less. Sell on eBay Sell Chorus User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. The CE-2 builds on the legacy of the CE-1 with reduced features: mono output instead of stereo, no vibrato mode, no integrated power supply, no level and no intensity controls. The CE-2 has higher input impedance and boosted mid frequencies, both arrangements very suitable for electric guitars. Roland stopped marketing the CE-2 in 1982, however still produced until 1990. There are basically 3 versions of the pedal: Some early stand-alone stompboxes like Vibra-Chorus and Uni-Vibe by Shin-Ei were released in 1960s, creating some degree of phase shifting or chorus modulation. The CE-2 follows the same tonal response. The usual delay times are around 5 to 50ms and LFO oscillating frequencies are up to 20Hz. CE-2 uses triangle LFO waveforms. There are several possibilities: Hearing both signals together the chorus effect is created. The input and output circuits use the dual op-amp uPC4558C IC, while the LFO is implemented with the help of a TL022LP op-amp. Some additional active filtering is applied using Sallen-Key transistor stages. The effect response is commanded using two controls: The top of the board contains all the pads to attach the cables to be connected to the jack connectors, potentiometers, and the footswitch. It also carries other benefits like the number of components used in the pedal and using a light indicator and a power-on LED at the same time. The JFET Bypass Switch enables two possible toggle configurations: The VR 3 potentiometer is able to finely trim the 4.5 voltage: sometimes due to the loading of all stages, the 4.5 voltage might suffer some offset, the BBDs are sensitive to the bias, adjusting VR3 will bring maximum clean headroom. The 9V regulated line will bring the supply for the Bucket Brigade Stage, rejecting high-frequency harmonics which are especially harmful in BBDs signal processing due to the clocking noise of the MN3101 clock driver. This pedal was originally designed for an external 12V ACA supply adapter. The series resistor R53 and diode D5 between the minus input on the power jack and ground are used to reduce the internal voltage supply. The voltage drop over the resistor and diode will under-power the pedal making the power-on LED glow faintly. One easy solution is to use a daisy chain cable together with another standard pedal. The link between the two pedals will short the resistor-diode circuit and the pedal will receive full power. It also separates the guitar from any pedal DC potential, protecting the pickups in case of circuit failure. But applying the same filtering to the delay signal, the output signal will reduce any hiss acquired via the delay path. Boss CE-2 uses the op-amp inverting architecture. It is also implemented over the 4558 dual op-amps and designed to attenuate the magnitude of the high frequencies with respect to the mid-low frequencies. This filter takes the unnatural sounding pre-emphasized audio and turns it back into its original response. These are generated at integer multiples of the sample rate. The ideal filter specification is the same as that for the anti-aliasing filter. In this way, the input signal is bandlimited to prevent aliasing. The cut-off frequency can be calculated as: The output signal must be bandlimited, to remove the clock noise and prevent aliasing (meaning Fourier coefficients being reconstructed as low-frequency waves, not as higher frequency aliases). The cut-off frequency can be calculated as: After the delay stage, slightly more bass pass through the circuit. At the same time, a Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO) is needed to drive the MN3101 in order to generate the variable delay time which is the gist of the chorus effect. It is used to discharge the C 22 47pF timing capacitor, which is charged through the R 38 150K resistor. Indeed, Q 5 together with the MN3101 will oscillate by itself at a constant frequency without Q 4 and its associated components. The cycle repeats at an ultrasonic rate. Immediately after C 22 discharge, the diode D1 is needed to isolate the output of Q4 transistor.As the LFO cycles, the delay time goes up and down and therefore the delayed audio pitch slightly shifts up and down. Some ticking can be mixed with the audio when the LFO produces the rising or falling edge of a square wave and there is a very sudden surge in the current. This simple circuit provides a variable frequency triangular waveform whose amplitude is also variable. The oscillation frequency can be calculated following the formula of the Triangle Oscillator by Ron Mancini: The action of VR2 will modify the steepness of the ramp and therefore the amplitude or depth at a fixed frequency. Boss CE-2 Information by BossArea Chorus Effect Explanation by TestTone Chorus guitar effects by Hobby Hour Tonepad CE-2 Cloning Project Triangular Wave Generators by FreeCircuits 3rd Order Sallen-Key Filter with one OpAmp by EDN. Shelving Filters by Linkwitzlab. Boss ACA and PSA adaptors by StinkFoot. Pre-Emphasis and De-Emphasis filters in DIYStompBoxes. BOSS CE-2 Service Notes pdf. 2SC732TM Transistor pdf. Trademarks, brand names and logos are the property of their respective owners. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Code licensed under MIT License. We provide a safe community for finding the gear you want. Fast worldwide shipping with DHL Express (1 business day to most of the EU and UK, 2 business days to most of the USA).Please check the fields highlighted in red.Currency. Having two outputs gives you the option of having a chorused.Having two outputs gives you the option of having a chorused signal from Output A and the direct signal at the same time from Output B. These can be panned left and right to simulate the sound of two guitars playing simultaneously. Paint finish has some scratches and chip and is missing 1 knob. Please check their website for the length of warranty and warranty conditions. If an item you Second Hand products come with a 4 week warranty from us. If there is an issue let us know ASAP. This covers normal use and does not cover accidental damage, misuse, wrong power plugged into it, modding, water damage or any other damage caused by Just treat it nice and all will be good!We've never lost a thing and your awesome new gear will be packed up really well to avoid any damage in transit. If your order comes in before 2pm we will ship it same day. Most of the time we pack things up all the way to 4pm so just call if you need it to leave same day after 2pm. We ship mainly with Australia Post but may use a courier depending on location and size of the package. Free Post ships with Australia Post standard and expected shipping times are between 4-6 business days depending on location. It will be longer to outside of metro and rural areas. Express Post will usually be with you next business day in metro areas of QLD, NSW, SA, VIC and TAS. WA will take 2 days to metro and extra days after that to out side metro and rural areas. Everything we ship has a tracking number with the exception of some power cables and smaller envelope packages. You will be emailed tracking once your order has been shipped! Items returned in undesired condition (scratched,chipped, etc) will be subject to a restocking charge of up to 30. Modded items will not be refunded. Postage must be paid by the purchaser to get the item returned to us and we will exchange at our discretion the amount of the products but not the postage costs. Items must arrive here within 14 days of your order being placed. Some items cannot be returned like Pedalboards you have already put velcro on, strings, pedalboard tape, Cables and DIY cable kits. Please don't use the Manufacturers box as the packing box or you will automatically be charged a 30 restocking fee. Email us BEFORE returning your items so we can resolve or sort out any problems you may have and just so we know to expect the item. You may also want to insure or register your item as we don't take responsibility for lost or damaged post. Please try again.Register a free business account Exclusive access to cleaning, safety, and health supplies. Create a free business account to purchase Please try your search again later.You can edit your question or post anyway.Many of the Boutique Chorus pedals out there are based on this circuit. Hi Fidelity Mod: Change out the stock op-amps with socketed high quality audio grade op-amps and change out the input and output caps with high quality film caps for greaterAmazon calculates a product’s star ratings using a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The machine learned model takes into account factors including: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified purchases. It's a kit to modify the circuit board level components. Paul Verticchio Guitar Improvements LTD Jacksonville, ILSorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again What a difference! Gone is the sterile new wave sound of the 80s - the kit turns the CE-3 truly into a CHORUS pedal with deep, warm and lush sounds. I also was amazed about the speedy delivery to Europe.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again I have some soldering experience. I highly recommend it.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Much more control over the sound, faster speed (even spaceship sounds!) and richer tone. I am able to dial out the ice picky clanginess that detracted from the overall sound, turning this into old-school analog chorus. I docked a star because the directions could have been clearer and the photos representing the kit a little more.representative. But overall very pleased.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again I am pretty good when it comes to soldering making leads etc. My advice is stay well away.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Jumbo delivers the sound of an Enhance gives guitarists a brilliant, Level adjusts the There is also a direct output where the signal have BODY: center, Top:center) This technologyThe top knob controls the The AC-3 also has a In addition to the regular Auto Wah This make the There's also an extra powerful wah that combines the Adjust the SENS control so The AW-3 added a lot of new sounds, not heard There's a dedicated bass guitar input, an input for expression pedal,Set two vowel sounds and the wah effect It is all here - everything from warm, Leaves the expressiveness Sound control is as easy as using your favorite amp.Set the TONE the way you want.Turn GAIN to just about max with TONE set slightly lower.TONE should be adjusted to match The BF-2 has been around for a long time and is one of the most commonly used flanger pedals. These where later changed to the white top knobs. The change took place 1990,This was the original colour choice, but it was changed to Whether some pink ones exists out there is uncertain. The TL022CP opamp was replaced with the Sharp IR9022 opampIt was changed to green in The CE-2B is the only other pedal to have use the orange label. Orange became pink in July The Bass Flanger After almost 10 years Boss replaced it with the The bass fundamentals remain The LFO (Low Frequency oscillator) is variable between The MANUAL knob controls the delay time,The CE-1 was released 1976 and The CE-2 builds on the The middle region is boosted in the CE-2 compared The pedal was however still produced and sold at least The CE-2 was produced in Japan up until 1988 when production moved to This results in the C in This is the only 3-knob pedal that has the knobs The CE-3 was the first metallic These where later changed to the white top The two outputs can be further combined The major difference between the CE-5 and its predecessorsIt has been in production for longer than anyThis is printed on the PCB so it is easy to The first version is closely related to the CE-2 and CE-3. It uses the 1024 stage The CE-5A is completely restructured. The easiest way to determine which version you The CE-x pedals doesn't do this andThe CH-1s made The easiest way to determine which version you have is to use the serial number.The later CS-2 and CS-3 used VCA's The sound of the CS-1 is thus very The CS-2 uses a VCA It is similar to The DC-3 is a digital device while the DC-2 uses analog electronics. The chorus produced is a bit different from The sound is often described There are no This popular pedal had controls for delay time, effect level and mode, The DD-2 digital delay also features a wide, A unique hold function and two stereo outputs are also included, The DD-2 - By using the unlatch For example, by setting Dropping the price didn't look so good so it The front of the pedal got The DD-3 was redisigned The new version is called the DD-3A. The DC socket was at theThe design change happened before production was moved from Japan to Taiwan The latest version of the DD-3 is In addition to three delay time modes, a Delay Time control Delay time ranges from 50 to 200ms.Then use the Connect a footswitch, In Hold mode, press The delay can also be inserted into an effects loop. To enhance solos, Endless repeats, reverse mode Enhancements include built-in tap tempo capability When you step on the The feedbacked note will stop immediately when you release the pedal. The newly developed 2-mode Pedal A built-in Overtone This effect draws a The vintage analog This was soonIt is worth noting that the MN3005 has a The MN3205 only produces 0.8 distortion It should have a 4 digit numberNote that this is the production date of the integrated The circuitry is similar to the DM-2's but it The delay time is variable The knobs on the They only featured on the DM-3 and early versions It produces a distortion sound with a hard edge and is known to have a Many people swear that the older Japan made pedals The DS-1 has over the years been used by a lot of great Keeley, Analogman and Stinkfoot all provide their This remained unchanged for about 16 years but in 1994 it was replaced by the Rohm BA728N. This time the Mitsubishi M5223AL was used. The last change came 2006 when the New Japan Radio NJM2904L opamp was introduced. The first version This is usually referred to as the long Since early 1982 the only changes has been to the bottom label. In mode I the DS-2 sounds a bit Mode II gives a sound more in the direction of the HM-2 or MT-2.The special Turbo Circuit serve to remove unpleasant shrill caused by distorted frequencies. The Turbo Circuit again create a powerful grunge distorted overload. The Delay has two modes, S and L. InIn the play mode, a recorded Recording and replay is archived simultaneously while the pedal is In, Output, AC Adaptor The DSD-3 was however This was made possible because of a As a result Boss decided to release it as a new version In, Output, AC Adaptor Keep playing for a You will then realize the effect that this pedal has. What it does is This restores the clarity and delicate harmonic It is much used in studio work Thos control will cut or boost The setting of the SENS (Sensitivity) knob will determine how This restores the clarity and delicate harmonic structures The EH-2 adds life to any performance, This pedal can be controlled by the touch sensitivity of With a Roland EV-5 expression pedal linked to the Exp In A newly developed envelope With a Q control for filter peak level adjustment built-in, the In, Output, AC Adaptor Fuzz 1 is used for The FZ-2 can also be There are no known production changes. In addition to its classic sound, Picking dynamics Make sure your bass's The GE-6 has 6 bands with This equalizer is quite noisy in the high It's got the sameThis lets you completely control your sound and Place the GE-7 The design is very similar to the GE-7 butThe bands have center frequencies at 62Hz, There is also a level control that allows each band The change These are now at 50Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz, 4.5kHz and 10kHz The most critical area for a bass guitar is around 400Hz-500Hz and that's It's a great Well, not exactly, but it More like you'd expect from fully overdriven stacked tube Using independent COLOR MIX controls for high Perfect for solos as well as backing.This setting lets your guitar solos You can also select the key that you are playing in, Separate controls for each voice (level The HR-2 does 1 and 2 part harmonies in any interval in the following The key can be selected and the interval and volume Features: Intelligent pitch-shifting; one or two This instantly A new high-speed detection circuit ensures A Detector In jack allows correct pitch Adopting a high The high-speed envelope With the use of the Tone Control, the Limiter can The limiter was mainly used by bass players and this is why When the second generation limiter was launched, it was labeled The LM-2 gives you a little volume drop when it is turned on. This makes With the massive gain that this pedal can produce, it can easily become It is one of the best selling Boss pedals of all time. The Metal Zone produces The distortion is produced in an analog circuit The pedal has 2 mainThe MZ-2 has stereo outputs Production came to an end some time It's not going to get The NF-1 should by normal conventions be called NG-1, but NG could be Pedals with serial number earlier You can connect the NS-2 last in your chain of Wire the Output jack of The NS-2 can also be wired like an effects loop, which allows you to kill The NS-2 attempts to The natural attack and envelope of the signal itself are unaffected To get a steady andIt is also an advantage to use a compressor in front of the OC-2 to limit the Each octave tone's volume can be controlled independently. The OC-2 features The OC-3 incorporates a digital In Octave2 mode, Artist of the 70's was mostly using a fuzz distortion sound and the It was however soon accepted as the new standard The sound is therefore still close to the original even The different versions have been named The version letter is printed on the PCB in the form of the number 052-281A to 052-281E. ThereEach with minor differences like opamps from different manufacturers.These numbers are not real serial numbers It is so far unknown how many pedals there were in a batch. The section below lists the The OD-1 was already legendaryThe design goal was to create a pedal with two modes. The OD-2 is built using After the production was discontinued, 1994, the pedal Boss chose to The OD-3 features a new dual stageIt is designed with theWith the overdrive turned off it also works wellIt can be adjusted from dry (clean) to fully overdriven. With overdrive sounds, more gain will increase the The OS-2 is both. With the color knobTurn it up and the overdrive will be gradually The OS-2 provides The phaser attempts to emulate a rotating speaker With the added settings This is a 4 stage phaser like the It can create an wide This control is adjustable over a wide range in order to With a phase shift circuit that provides Two modes give you completely Depth controls This can be seen as the This is the feedback level. Mode selects between phaser mode 1 or 2. Switch it into Mode 2 for a more in-your-face There's also 4-, 8-, 10-, and The PN-2 has a Rate and Depth control in addition to a 4-way Mode switch The PN-2 was officially sold until 1995 butMost likely, it ranged only 10 months between The level can be boosted or cut with 18dBThe low band ranges from 25Hz to 400Hz, the middle band The level control is placed before It was never a big seller and as Boss presently doesn't You can adjust Each frequency range selector has it's own individual This was alleviated from serial number 845800 but There is seven pitch shift modes, and three The pitch shift level is selectable in 26 steps - 24. The delay is up to a Good for slightly shifted sounds. Good for greatly shifted sounds. Pitch A controls Output A and Ptch B controls Output B There are 5 different modes.It creates harmonies based on the Set the PITCH control to plus or minus 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Ajdust the balance between direct sound and the effect with BALANCE. Set the PITCH control to the Press the pedal to activate the T.ARM effect, release the pedal to return The Flutter mode adds quick pitch vibrato to the input sound when the pedal is pressed.It can supply power to up to 7 other It's been obsoleted by the release When the check indicator light is green, Press the switch and In this mode the Guitar connection is connected to Send and the Amp Originally theThe production moved to Taiwan 1991.Maybe it was a mistake to label the tone controls FAT and MUSCLE The PW-2 has a mid range boost with a heavy low end sound designed to create the sound of a Boss officially claims that production only lasted 9 months but investigations shows that the Since sales were really Digital reverbs had prior to the RV-2 only been The RV-2 changed all that when it was launched 1987.As a result of this it was The pedal and the power supply wouldn't fit in a normal The reverb time is adjustable from 0.2 to 10 seconds. In front of the reverb The production span of the RV-2 was likely very short and might have Exclusive BOSS asymmetric overdrive circuitry delivers a genuine The SD-1 is ideal for The SD-1 is equipped with It is recommended that the Tone control be set at around 90 degrees This effect was BOSS'S unique asymmetric overdrive circuitry delivers a genuine overdrive effect for a A tone control is also provided for precise tonal adjustment.Good for a bluesy sound.With this setting, the SD-1 functions as aCRUNCH mode gives you a fat, crunchy sound that's You can even independently modify these two tones with What's more, the LEAD and CRUNCH modes can be For solos, With the effect on, you can use an This gives you instant There are only The attack knob controls the A compressor or overdrive in front of it may be helpful to minimize Used with a delay it sounds sort of With the NF-1, the sound decays away but is cut when it falls below a threshold. With the The spectrum knob sets the frequency The balance knob sets the peak within the range.