bose rc 9 remote manual

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bose rc 9 remote manual

bose rc 9 remote manual

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bose rc 9 remote manualLearn more or change settings here. There may be a clear plastic strip protecting the switches. You can remove the strip You will need to change the house code of the expansion remote to match the system. Note: The default house code setting is all squares in the down position Please feel free to share additional comments below. Had contol unit refurished several years ago, but remote control is starting to act up. Need a new one. If they aren't stocked anymore, you may want to look at 3rd party online options like eBay or Amazon. After several tries, I seem to have it working after several tries, but once past 4' it seems to be out of range - than works if I hold it 1'. thanks. Blocks dirt and oils forever Permanently repairs rubber keypad buttons by replacing the conductive material. Your buttons fails when the conductive pad wears out and silicone oils seep from the keypad. This gooey paste blocks electrical conductivity and stops the switch from working. The ButtonWorx membrane keypad blocks dirt and oil from reaching the circuit board and offers a new conductor that cannot break down like rubber conductors do. Note: This is for repairing hard to press buttons. If all your buttons stopped working one day, then the remote is broken (not the buttons) and needs repair If you are comfortable opening your remote you can repair your own buttons. Remove the back housing and circuit board Clean the keypad and circuit board with 90 isopropyl alcohol Peel the brown paper off the membrane repair kit Use the 4 holes to align the repair pad to the board Install as flat as possible - DO NOT press down hard on the buttons Reassemble your remote - Test all the buttons Click for MORE Our membrane keypads are custom cut for each model. They will not work in any other model. Please make sure you are ordering the correct part. I have same problem with RC - 9 working intermittently with some light banging. Thanks for the tip above. I tried opening the remote but the case wont open.

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Is Hi, There are 3 tabs on each side, and 1 on each end. Pry with a thin flat head screwdriver, but be gentle as you can. It is weak, and so the Put batteries in it and point it at the electronics unit and press some buttons Put on your digital camera (it can be your phone camera). Aim at the remote. Please try again.Please try again.This will repair worn button function from heavy useIn order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Register a free business account Please try your search again later.The failing electrical contacts on the rubber pad are replaced by a flexible conductive carbon film that blocks dirt and oils. Please note this is to fix buttons that have slowly become harder to use. If all of your buttons stopped working then it is a bad remote, not button failure and this kit will not solve the problem.Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Please try again later. TheWorldFamousJOM 2.0 out of 5 stars But I didn't. My remote seems to only work within a 3-4 ft radius of the stereo unit. (We use it for home-theater with our TV. Who the heck wants to get up from the couch to adjust the sound, right?) Bought this repair kit, followed the instructional video to a 't'. No improvement. Changed the batteries again, just in case. Nada. Luckily it wasn't expensive, so I feel the gamble was worth the expense. There wasn't much dirt, oil, residue, etc inside my remote, although cleaning it made me feel like I accomplished something. And I didn't break any of the plastic latches, so the hippocratic oath was upheld (do no harm). If the previous reviews are all legit, then it probably works in other cases. But I just can't testify that it does. I genuinely hope people get their remotes working good again!This repair kit worked perfectly to fix them. To make the repair, simply clean the remote circuit board with alcohol or lighter fluid. Using the repair kit, cut a contact dot out leaving some area around the dot slightly larger than the dot itself. A small square cut works just fine. Peel the adhesive off the dot and place over the circuit board contacts and press down to adhere. I installed dots over all circuit board contacts on the remotes. All of the remotes now work as good or better than when new. Super happy with the results.It was to the point where some of the buttons did not work at all and others you needed all your might to activate. These remotes are also from older Bose systems, so finding a used one may likely have this same issue. Enter Bose remote control button repair kit. Super easy to install. The new number pads rest between the modeled rubber buttons and the circuit board below. The kit just sandwiches between them. It took me just a few minutes and my remote works again!The hardest part is actually prying the remote unit open, had to watch the YouTube video a few times to observe the technique. Installation is super easy and the remote seems to be working as new again. This could have saved me the cost of buying that replacement remote.When we found this repair kit, we thought why not try it. While we were hesitant and have no experience when it comes to these sort of these things, we just watched the video and went for it. It turned out to be very easy and worked perfectly. I think this is the best product I’ve ever bought on Amazon and definitely worth the money. I highly recommend this product.It takes a little doing to open up the remote, clean it and install the board, but it is doable. There is an excellent video on Youtube that guides you through the process.The hardest part was to get the remote open.You had to push the buttons hard and hold them down to adjust the volume. When I opened it up for the first time there was a gooey liquid inside. I used plenty of rubbing alcohol pads and cleaned it up. Installed this kit and it works great now. There is a video on u-tube to show you how to open it up correctly.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The remote has been cleaned to the best of our ability. The remote has been cleaned to the best of our ability. Please, log in or register We do our part to. Use these links to ensure a small donation to Hifishark upon your purchase!Get it delivered to your inbox. By continuing to use the site you accept our Terms and Conditions of Use. Learn more. Arrived - 04-Jun-2018 Fault Diagnosed Remote Repaired awaiting Payment Fixed Price ?20 per remote plus postage Our premises are located at 114 Longton Lane, Rainhill, Merseyside, L35 8PA, United Kingdom (Please note that we are a Mail based Repair Business). Also, since these systems do not have other ways to control them, it is difficult to integrate them into home automation setups. Also, there are no replacement remotes available and even worn-down used original remotes go for absurd prices on eBay. So I started by investigating the FCC database, searching for the manufacturer BOSE and the frequency 27.145 MHz. I did not find my exact model but others that suggested that BOSE was using 27.145 MHz pulses with on-off keying (OOK). According to Wikipedia, OOK denotes the simplest form of amplitude-shift keying (ASK) modulation that represents digital data at the presence or absence of a carrier wave. Some of the documents in the FCC database show sample pulse trains. This is a variant of the well-known NEC infrared protocol that is used by many infrared-controlled devices. I used the awesome IrScrutinizer tool to verify my hypothesis by generating some NEC codes. Then I checked the irdb infrared database, one of the largest crowd-sourced, manufacturer-independent databases of infrared remote control codes on the web. And indeed, I found this set of BOSE codes.But once I had built my own sender, I wanted to measure the signal on the air. In hindsight, it would not have been necessary to open the original remote, but I was curious what was inside anyway. So using gqrx, I converted the signals to audio. Then I recorded the audio. Then opened the audio in Audacity which is also available for Linux as a convenient AppImage. Looks like this: At present it seems that this is limited 1Mhz up to 250Mhz - so my Bose is in Underclocking it results in the code not working. Using something like DMA rather than the CPU to do the switching would be much better (can you do it?). Please let me know if you do. Coils? Inductors? Is that really all needed.Why is this? Sketch below. The sender with a 30 cm long wire as an antenna on pin RX needs to be placed not too far from the music center. Selectable external loudness and soft mute functions are provided.They are all ground but do not connect them to pin 5, leave that connected to the signal ground only. However, I was not able to identify the RF receiver inside the music center but I did not take the boards out, possibly it is on the other side of the PCB. Unfortunately the traces are on the other side of the PCB so I could not trace them. I did not take the boards out. Could it be that BOSE engineers designed the PCB for an optional infrared receiver which then was left out in the end to save a few cents or make for a cleaner front housing design. Can we put one in there? To be investigated. I will have to solder to pin 5 of the IC. Didn't like the bulkier (and more expensive) ones which require a old-school USB cable. I tried to run the code on my RPI model A, but it seemed the generated frequencies were off and I do not have the equipment to accurately measure to correct them. However, I found a document from Bose to control my music center through the serial interface in the back of the device, so now I am trying to connect my Bose through an ESP8266 to my network.My model has manufactured in 1995 JUNE, the Q406 should be equivalent to your Q400. Only to find that you have taken my 2013 idea and made it real. Small world. I am still trying to reach the holy grail of a single remote - I was intending to build an IR receiver to pick up the tv remote volume signals and then translate these into RF for the bose.That is beyond my electronic skills - but I am definitely going to use your pi work here to further my (long running) IR RF translator project. Thanks. I have the schematic and its only use 5 pins (vdd, vss data in, data out and wakeup). Maybe I can hardware wakeup my IR, but, if it don't work I will try do your project but in Arduino. What u think about it? Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, These CAUTION marks are located on the back panel and bottom of your Lifestyle center and the bottom panel of your Acoustimass CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, match wide blade of plug to wide slot, insert fully. When a cart is used,. Sounds from the left or right side of the picture are sent to left or right front speakers. Ambient sounds or special effects may be sent to the surround (rear) speakers. Bose Videostage circuitry automatically directs the sound to the correct speakers. Save all packing materials for possible future use. The original packing materials provide the safest way to transport your Lifestyle any part of the product appears damaged, do not attempt to use the Notify Bose or your authorized Bose dealer immediately. You may obtain rubber feet (part no. 178321), free of charge, from Bose (see listings on the inside back cover). The center speaker cable allows up to 20 feet (6.1 m) distance from the Acoustimass 1. Place the speaker on line with the vertical center of the screen, above or below (which- 2. To purchase cables, see your dealer, electronics store, or call Bose Note: The surround cables are joined together for your convenience, providing an easy-to- use cable for connecting the surround speakers. MUTE - Silences the speakers. Also restores volume to muted speakers.While this jack accepts most headphone models, you can get an adapter at Bose dealers and most electronics stores, if needed. Connecting headphones automatically shuts off speakers connected to the FIXED OUTPUTs and SPEAKERS A. In the normal setting, the dots on each control are in the 12 o’clock position. You can also locate the normal setting by feeling when the control settles into the notch at this position. See page 24 for instructions on setting the house code.Customer service For additional help in solving problems, contact Bose customer service. See the inside back cover for Bose customer service offices and phone numbers.Then turn it on again. If you notice any problems with its functioning, turn it off and contact Bose customer service. Or call Bose directly (see inside back cover for phone numbers). All remotes are fully sanitized at time of shipment. Stay Safe! It has the quality you trust from Bose. This remote needs no programming to control the unit it was provided with, has no codes to enter, and has all the functions needed to control your unit with ease. It is easy, pull it out of the professional packaging, insert new batteries, sit back and watch it work. And we are not talking about just putting new batteries in.All units we sell are in stock, and promptly ship the same or next day. All remote controls are thoroughly tested and professionally packaged. Your information is never sold and is never transferred to anyone. It is only used for the purpose of promptly delivering a quality product to your doorstep. Our experience in listening to our clients is they are of inferior quality, and many times do not function the same as an original OEM branded replacement remote control. Many clients come to us after their recent generic purchase has failed, or does not operate the way the original replacement did. Some report having to enter codes to program the remote to function properly. There are many clever ways these are marketed.Infra Red light cannot be seen with the naked eye. So not seeing this infra red light has no indication as to whether the remote is functioning properly or not. Good News! Infra red light be seen with a smart phone in the selfie mode. Just point it at the smart phone in selfie mode, and press buttons. You should see a flash of infra red light as the buttons are depressed on the remote control. This means the remote is functioning. If the infra red light stays on constantly, or never comes on, the remote is defective. See more in the troubleshooting link at the top of the page. However, if you need help, let us know. We will attempt to find the manual for your specific manual and email it to you if needed. This is a free service we provide to our clients. It will not need any additional codes or programming for that. Howeever, let's say you are replacing a TV remote. It will operate the TV without a need for programming, but it may offer an option to control additional devices such DVD, or Audio unit it was not supplied with. This is where you would need an operations manual that gives programming instructions with codes. Not for the unit it was asupplied with, but for the convienance of controlling other devices you may own with a single remote control. Maybe you still need our expertese to help you find the right remote, or determine whether your controller has a problem. Visit our troubleshooting link above, that answers the vast majority of problems you may have. If you still need help, click on contact us and leave us a message. We generally answer all messages the same or next day. You can call or text us as well, the number is at the bottom of the page. Please leave a message if we we do not answer. We will return your call. Whether you need help troubleshooting, codes, programming or a manual, it is very helpful if you provide us with both the model number on your remote control, and the model number of the unit it controls. Email is always best too. We can deliver manuals, links to the product you are looking for, or links to other sites on the web if we do not have the product you need. That is right, if we do not have the remote you are looking for, we will help you find it! It is also covered by a lifetime warranty covering normal wear and tear defects.See the difference we can make with your purchase from provides great causes with the benefit of an easy practical, fund raising opportunity.We employ foster children, mentally challenged individuals, as well as those recovering from substance abuse. Keeping jobs right here in the USA, and hiring those who benefit the most has always been our vision.By refurbishing, and remarketing these remotes, we keep our dollars right here in the USA. By doing this, we can do our part in keeping America strong! All shipments are insured at no additonal cost. Tracking numbers are provided at the time of shipment. We do not pay, or know the amount due for any customs fees. We insure the package to the USA Border for free. There is no insurance provided from the USA border to the packages destination. Typical transit times vary, and can be from 5 days to 28 Tracking numbers are provided at the time of shipment, and always track to the USA Border. These tracking numbers may, or may not, track your package from the USA border to its final destination.You can't see this beam, but your smartphone's camera can. So, if your remote isn't working right, you can use your phone to check if your remote needs fresh batteries. Next, switch to the front-facing camera, point the remote at the camera, and press any button on the remote. So if all you have at your disposal is your laptop's built-in webcam, you may have everything you need. Here are the most common places to find a part or model number for a remot: Sometimes the numbers can be very, very small. Again, this may be printed on a label, or stamped into the plastic. Can be easily programmed to control many connected devices. Ergonomic contoured shape naturally conforms to the hand. Two AA batteries included. Something went wrong. This arrivedand performs better than expected. As a Bose owner knows, its almost impossible to use system without this exact unit. Cancel Thanks, we'll look into this. All Rights Reserved. User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. View cart for details. Please try again.In order to navigate out of this carousel, please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Please try your search again later.You can edit your question or post anyway.Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings using a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The machine learned model takes into account factors including: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified purchases. Explore 0 Description Reviews This product is currently out of stock. Click here to explore similar products. We'd love to help you out. Please try again.In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Create a free account Representative 21.9 APR (variable). Credit offered by NewDay Ltd, over 18s only, subject to status. Terms apply.Please try your search again later.You can edit your question or post anyway.If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support ? In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. AM324446 Rev.00Please save this guideUnauthorized alterations may compromise safety,It is best to avoid extreme volume when using headphones,Notes. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within anThe exclamation point within an equilateral triangle alertsLiquids can cause aDo not recharge, disassemble, heat above 100?C (212?F), or incinerate. Dispose of used batteries promptly. Replace only with batteriesNot suitable for children under age 3.It is neither designed norAdditional safety information. See the additional instructions on the Important Safety. Information sheet enclosed in the shipping carton. Batteries. Please dispose of used batteries properly, following anyClass B emissions. This device complies with FCC and Industry Canada RF radiationIt must not beThis product conforms to all EU Directive requirements asEnglishThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with theChanges or modifications not expressly approved by Bose. Corporation could void the user’s authority to operate thisOperation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) ThisBose recommends that you record your system modelSerial numbers are located on the bottom of the console, and. System model name and number (on the carton). Serial numbers. Retailer information. Please keep your sales receipt and a copy of your Product. Registration card together with this guide. No part of this work may be reproduced,Laboratories. All rights reserved. This product contains one or more programs protected underThey are confidential and proprietary to Dolby Laboratories. TheirLaboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia InterfaceLLC in the United States and other countries.Apple TV is a trademark of Apple, Inc. Xbox is a trademark of. Microsoft Corporation. TiVo is a trademark of Tivo, Inc. or itsApple is not responsible for the operation of this device or itsAll other marks are registeredEnglishSystem features. Using the front console inputs. Front USB input. Front HDMI input. If you need help. Changing the image view...................Turning on your TV.......................Optional radio tuner settings................Watching TV. Using a set top box. Using the tuner in your TV. Tuning to a TV station. MORE buttons. Activating a MORE button function. Button function definitions.................Playing an iPod or iPhone (V25 and V35 only)..Resetting the system. Pairing the remote with the console. Performing a system software update.......EnglishIf you need help. By now you should have successfully set up yourIf you have questions while operating your newThis guide describes your new remote control andIf you experience any operating difficulties, be sure toSystem featuresRegistering your product enables you to receiveIt also allows us to sendPlease follow the instructions on your Product. Registration Card to register. Failure to register willEnglishPlayback controls. Shuffle. Stop. Record. Pause. Play. Note: See “Operating Your Connected Devices” onThe display provides operating and system statusExamples. Remote glow button. Pressing the glow button on the rear of the remoteV25 and V35 systems). The light turns off automaticallyGlow button. Cable. To adjust the illumination level. CableAlbum. Hold number keyNote: To avoid the risk of deleting aOK buttons at the same timeContrast.EnglishAccepts stereo headphones with a 3.5 mm stereo plug. Volume level is set by the volume controls. Control buttonsTurns system power on or offIncreases system volume. Setup. Displays the Setup menu (press and release)Right (R) audio channel (red). Used for viewing photo files from a USB deviceAlso used for updatingLeft (L) or mono audio channel (white). Composite video (yellow). Used for temporarily connecting an HDMI device suchStarting your system. Press the power button on the remote or on theTo keep energy consumption to a minimum, the systemWhen it changes from blinking to solid green, yourPressing the remote SOURCE button alsoSetup. Pressing the Setup button on the consoleTurning on your TV. If you programmed your remote during the initialOtherwise, use theShutting down your system. Press the power button on the remote or onHowever, ifEnglishThe SOURCE menu allows you to select yourThe currentlyHighlightedYour TV may be receiving its program content through aTo return to using other sources, use the TV InputNote: Since most TVs come with an IR (infrared) remote,Using a set top box. If you connected a cable, satellite, or other set top boxTuning to a TV station. You can tune to a TV station using any of the followingEnter the channel number on the keypadPress Channel Up ( ) or. Down ( ) to change channels.Press. Press GUIDE. Use the navigation, pageIf you are using the tuner in your TV to receive TVEnglishPause. During the interactive setup process you may have. These would typically beStop. Fast forward or search forward. If you programmed the Bose remote for the device,Up one item. Fast rewind or search reverse. Quick skip or skip forward. Quick replay or skip backward. Shuffle mode. Listening to a Bose link inputDown one item. Move left. Move right. Select. Next page, channel, or disc. Previous page, channel, or disc. You can use your LIFESTYLE system to listen toConnect that system toTo listen to the Bose link source, press the SOURCEBe sure to connect your Bose link device beforeIt will not appear in the. SOURCE list until it is connected.Your LIFESTYLE system can play audio and videoThe following controls are available to operate yourUp one page. Be sure to dock your iPod before attempting toDown one page. Your iPod menus and content appear on the left sideThe “Now Playing” track appears on the right. Down one menu itemUp one menu itemUp one menu level (If playing video,Down one menu level. Down one menu level. Next track or audio bookmark. Previous track or audio bookmark. Fast forward. Fast rewindEnglishUse the following controls for viewing digital photos. Up one menu item (press and hold toThese inputs appear inThese inputsFront USB input. Down one menu item (press and holdUp one folder level, or exit and returnUp one folder level, or exit and returnDown one folder level. Down one folder level (if a folder isPlay slideshow (if a photo file isWhen selecting the USB source, folders appear at theSelecting a folder displays its contents. Up nine items. Down nine itemsPlay slideshow of highlighted folder. Pause slideshow. Exit slideshow and return toNext image. Previous imageThe Bose remoteYou need to use the controls on the device itself orStretch 1. Stretches video image evenlyStretch 2. Stretches the edges of theZoom. Enlarges the video image (pressGray Bars. Places vertical gray bars on theFit. Fits the video image to yourFront HDMI input. You can use this input for devices that have an HDMIYou need to use the controlsChanging the image view. Press the image view button to display a menuContinue to pressYour TV picture will change momentarily after youLeaves original video imageAuto-Wide. Fills width of the screen withoutEnglishRecalling a preset stationTo recall your stored presets:AM in the SOURCE list. Tuning to a stationDeleting a preset stationStoring a preset station. The built-in radio tuner can store up to 25 FM and 25. AM preset stations.Optional radio tuner settingsFor 10-25, press and hold the OK button to storeOn, OffPress the MORE button to display additionalThe functions that appearThe followingButton function definitions. Displays a list of favorite channels. Performs A, B, C, or D functions in anEnables or disables Teletext functions. Activating a MORE button functionPerforms Red, Green, Yellow, or BlueDisplays program guide for previous orDisplays playlist of recorded programs. Activates picture-in-picture mode. Accesses video on demand. Switches your TV to live programming. Switches between DVD and VCR in aEnglishRepeat track on an iPod or other digitalOPTIONS menu for the current source. The following is an example for a video device. Switches tuners in a multi-tuner device. Accesses the system menu for yourAccesses interactive features for someHighlighted option. See the following on “Changing systemSelected setting. Changing system options. The number of items appearing in the OPTIONS menuOption. Available Settings. Sound. Original. Plays stereo audio when stereo audio is received from the source. Alternative. Plays 5-channel audio when either stereo or 5-channel audio is received from the source. Enhanced Mono. Plays simulated surround sound when monaural audio is received from the source. Current Station. Stereo Off. Changes the current station to mono, which can help when tuning to a weak radio stationGame Mode. On. Produces improved video performance for game systems. Audio. Compression. Enhance Dialog. Enhances sound output so you can hear movie dialogs more distinctly.