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bosch zev magneto manual

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bosch zev magneto manualCreated with Sketch. Despite being made in the U.S. it has many metric fasteners. It is a wound armature design with the usual woes of deteriorated insulating varnish and sticky goo. Always check the condenser in the base of the armature for electrical leakage. Lots of bad ones out there. One of many early Motorcycle related manuals, Sales Brochures, Posters and Blueprints Over 200 To Choose fromFrome makers in the U.S.A. Britton, And Europe Watch for future auctions.Thanks for Stopping By. Both break points are used with a two bump cam ring for twin cylinder engines. However, V twin configurations are a special case. The cam ring for a V twin magneto has two bumps positioned to open the points at the unequal intervals required to suit the particular V twin engine. The cam ring can be reground to correct any discrepancies. (This check and, if necessary, adjustment is standard procedure when we overhaul both normal and V twin magnetos). However, only one of the bumps on the Vincent cam ring can be made to coincide with a break point. As a result, only one cylinder receives a good spark whereas the other cylinder receives a much weaker spark because the points open long after the break point by which time the magnetic field has been collapsing for an appreciable time. A situation which is far from ideal and is, perhaps, one reason why starting engines fitted with Lucas KVF magnetos is not always easy. There's more about the Lucas KVF magneto as fitted to Vincents at the bottom of this page. Other magneto manufacturers sought to alter their designs to cater for the needs of V twin engines. A number of designs were tried but the most common and probably the best solution was to alter the shape of the pole pieces and the armature core. Thanks Gray! Just goes to show that you shouldn't trust everything you read on Wikipedia. There are plenty of variations out there. Hopefully, most of the questions asked will be covered by the information given in the following summary.

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Apart from the cam ring, the internals of a Vincent’s Lucas KVF magneto are more or less identical to the K2F magneto as fitted to BSA and Triumph twins. However, only one of the bumps on the Vincent cam ring can be made to coincide with a break point. As explained on the Spark Polarity No 1 - rear cylinder Higher HT lead when fitted to engine - adjacent to magnet’s N pole Cam position gives optimum magneto timing (strongest spark) Positive (weakest) spark Rotates 205 degrees then. No 2 - front cylinder Lower HT lead when fitted to engine - adjacent to magnet’s S pole Cam position gives retarded magneto timing (weakest spark) Negative (strongest) spark Rotates 155 degrees then. No 1 again The Vincent KVF magnetos are clockwise rotation whereas most K2Fs fitted to British twin motorcycles are anticlockwise magnetos. One exception is the Royal Enfield twins which use clockwise magnetos. The cam ring used on a KVF magneto is obviously different to the one used on parallel twin K2F magnetos but there are other differences too. The cheese head screw goes in the flat hole in the bottom RH corner. Note that KVF bodies (and clockwise K2F bodies) have spark safety gap screws in line with the cap clip and cheese head screw. Here is one of the cards which gives details of the layout of the Lucas KVF magneto as used on Vincent V twins. It is a useful reference when reassembling one of these magnetos. As I find things out I tend to share then via the web so that others have access to them also. You can make your donation below via secure Paypal or use a card - Your help is much appreciated. Some of the information on this page has been very kindly provided by Bosch directly themselves. If it is then you will find (B) to indicate the source. Also please do add any links to this page as it will help others find this information.I think the Bosch DA2 was fitted to Triumphs 1906 to 1909 - anyone know any more. I get this from the 1914 Triumph Repair Catalogue, see It comes from a 1914 Triumph publication. I have found the following article which explains matters. My email is here These are THE Veteran Triumph experts. I have read it twice so far. You can buy it at Amazon (see below) and no doubt other places. These are THE Veteran Triumph experts. I have read it twice so far. You can buy it at Amazon (see below) and no doubt other places. Seems like a good idea to me. Killers are neat if you want to speedshift, just cut the mag for a moment and push the shifter to next gear quickly. Common practice on dirttrack bikes. But for heaven's sake, don't do that on downshift.A killer switch can be convenient, but I haven't found it necessary. What I understand is that the rotors in ZEV's are adapted with cut-out portions for different V-twin angular split, all from 15, 30, 42, 50, 80 and 90 degree angular splits and more. If there is a big different in spark strength if you should use a 30, 45 or 50 degree rotor, that I don't know, there is others that can answer that better than me.When i replaced the bars, i also deleted the switch since like Carl says, it's redundant with the compression release on the case. I take your point about the decompressor which I must say had slipped my mind. Is the rotor really a 42 deg.Is after sealing, then the rotor balance checked and adjusted? Most good ones are large and heavy. Two things go into design of an electromagnet. The number of amp-turns (AT) and the magnetic permeability of the pole pieces. I don't go into the permeability here. 6000 Ampere turns or better is about what is required to saturate an ordinary magneto magnet. Is it durance tested in a hot state. What spread in ignition timing does it have when running, it should be within a couple of degrees at the max. And you can ask what particular things you should check in the future, to know wear limits and things good to know when a service or refurbish is needed. And the shaft in-and-out play. It should be zero or very close to zero. Bosch magneto: instructions covering enclosed types ZEI and ZEV for use on motorcycles, 70-900. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).Contact us or comment below. Robert Bosch was probablyA properly tunedTheir aviation mags were so popular, thatTheir official company logo, the armature, was used onEnemy act. The Robert was dropped from the name and they became simply known as. The name was quick changed to. American Bosch and production continued in the US under that name for quiteAfter many years and many engines. Fairbanks-Morse asked American Bosch to try and reduce the cost of the mag. TheThis proved to have someToday, Bosch no longer makes magnetos or their parts. Their rights have been sold off to aftermarket vendors. Some parts areThe more common ones are listed below. I canThere are over 600I have also put together a susbsitutions table for someIt is not all good news, many of the substituteIt is better thanI can rebuildI can also make some of the leadout towers. Please ask with your needs. Points canIf they are beyondOscillating versions of these mags areI can usually find some springs toI make rollers and can also make the posts if I. The items listed are described accurately. And you will receive the items as described. But I am only human, so rest assured If I make an error we will work out a solution for the error on my part. I do not take returns just because. I do not believe in a no questions asked return so make sure that what I am offering is what you want. ASK Questions! Thank You! Mark S. To start viewing messages,Got a bosh zev magneto on my 1921 scout. Attached picThe same goes for the magneto grip. When you advance the timing, the spark is earlier, when the piston is lower in the bore. So an easy way to learn how to ride an Indian is to turn both grips the same direction when accelerating or decelerating, until it gets natural to leave the mag grip alone.Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Editor and Webmaster by calling 07977 001 025 or please CLICK HERE. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. It is the most extensive such description I am aware of on the web or in print, requiring 20 posts over four months to complete. Although it is about a Bosch ZEV for a 1923 Harley-Davidson, essentially everything in it is directly applicable to a Lucas KVF. You can find the thread at: My obsession with magnetos was, ahem, sparked in the mid-1990s when I restored a BSA Gold Star that came with a nonfunctioning magneto. Rather than taking the time to figure out how to fix the magneto myself, I decided to send it to a specialist. That was a mistake. Although the specialist came highly recommended, had a very well equipped shop (where he also specialized in Vincents), and seemed quite sure of his abilities when I spoke with him, the magneto failed after 90 miles with what I recognized as a bad replacement condenser. Unfortunately, before I had run the Gold Star I already had sent him my Vincent's KVF to restore, and it has been sitting on the shelf ever since. However, as I posted here at the end of October, I am now (re)embarking on the restoration of my own Black Shadow, so one of the components I will be restoring using the instruments described in that thread is the KVF.I'm afraid winter has set in. The primary circuit of a magneto creates AC power. Does the secondary pass the AC through it all the way to the plug(s) or does it turn into DC some where along the way? John Mead The primary circuit of a magneto creates AC Does the secondary pass the AC through it all the way to the plug(s) or does it turn into DC some where along the way?As this simplified description shows, the magneto is designed to create abrupt changes, which in turn results in it being a nonlinear device. Disclaimer: I wrote the above extemporaneously late in the evening, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone points out it could be clearer. As this simplified description shows, the magneto is designed to create abrupt changes, which in turn results in it being a nonlinear device. Disclaimer: I wrote the above extemporaneously late in the evening, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone points out it could be clearer.Batman (Kevin) Magnetos are surprisingly complex mechano-electromagnetic devices, and it's amazing they were able to figure out how to design them over a century ago without the benefit of an oscilloscope. They, like many other replacement capacitors that have come and gone over the years, are not rated to handle the high current pulses they will be subjected to by a magneto. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The EasyCap was launched a year ago. Over 1,600 have been sold. A single one of those had a problem after a couple of miles, but we have not heard of a single instance of any other problems with them. Quite the opposite. Many customers can't believe how easily their machines now start. And they are all taken by the fact that if there is a problem with their magneto, they can check the condenser in a few minutes, just like an old battery-coil system, without having to dismantle the magneto totally yet again (or pay somebody else to do it). Feel free to scan through our testimonials page Cheers, Ken. (C Rapide) As he is now doing here, Mr. Targett inserted himself into that thread to try to market his products. You can go directly to my post describing the requirements on a capacitor at: and the requirements on a magnetizer at: Mr. Targett's responses to my thread became so sarcastic, mocking, and insulting, even going so far as to call me a liar, that the moderator interceded, removed his most outrageous posts, and locked the thread to keep him from continuing this behavior. I hope he does not repeat that disturbing behavior here. Inappropriate as it was there, it would be even more inappropriate here given that he is not even a member of the VOC. I have not stepped out of a moving car because I have enough confidence in the laws of physics to know the negative consequences of doing so without actually having to do it. The same laws of physics are why I do not recommend using Mr. Targett's products. If you go to my magneto restoration thread you will see some of the extensive range of electrical test instrumentation I have brought to bear on this problem, and should be able to judge whether or not I have the technical expertise to make informed recommendations about these matters. No one has any way of verifying this claim. Still, it took a number of years before enough motorcyclists complained about failures for the supplier to cease selling them. Many customers can't believe how easily their machines now start. Until it fails, any capacitor of the appropriate capacitance will transform the behavior of a magneto having a bad capacitor. If someone can't believe how easy their bike starts with a new capacitor, they've forgotten how easy it used to start before their former one went bad. The issue isn't whether replacing an old, failed capacitor with a new one will make a magneto work, it is how long that new capacitor will survive the high current pulses it will be subjected to. Any number of inappropriate replacement capacitors have been recommended and sold over the years, all of which eventually failed in service. These failures all could have been predicted based on the electrical specifications and physical properties of the capacitors. And, whenever a magneto is taken apart, which must be done to install one of Mr. Targett's capacitors in the first place, it must be properly remagnetized if it is to regain full performance. Since the magneto has to be disassembled either way, my recommendation is to install a proper capacitor and then properly remagnetize it. Feel free to scan through our testimonials page Again, there is no way to independently verify such advertising material. And, again, the reason I do not recommend using Mr. Targett's 10 cent capacitors is the laws of physics, not unverifiable advertising. Or testimonials from people whose capacitors have not yet failed. I have no financial stake in whether or not people believe what I have written is correct, or if they believe what Mr. Targett has written is correct. More than enough information is easily available on the links in this current thread for people to decide this for themselves. If Mr. Targett wishes to sell his products to members of the VOC, I urge him to take pay for an advertisement like other vendors do, rather than use this forum to tout his wares. Cheers, John (a Recovering Electrician) Thanks to alnico, post-WWII magnetos can survive disassembly without requiring remagnetization in order to function, but they will not have their full output. Once up to speed that isn't too much of a problem, but it significantly increases the minimum rotation rate required to generate a spark. That's also not too much of a problem if you're an 18-year old kick-starting a Triumph 500 sparked by a K2F, but it is a problem if you're a 58-year old with a Vincent 1000 sparked by a KVF. Assemble with a proper condenser, then remagnetize. Words to live by. Perfect alignment would place the core of the armature in a direct horizontal line between the N and S poles, but the shape of the armature gives you a fair amount of leeway in this orientation without having any detrimental effect whatever. I describe this at: Failing to receive a straight reply, I bought a copy of the book, and found that the book said something completely different. For another text book quote in support of your arguments, I tracked down a copy at my local university library and found that in that case too the book was talking about something completely different. You haven’t tested a Brightspark EasyCap. So, it’s unclear how you can apply the laws of physics to it. You should remember, Magnetoman, that just because one supplier of magneto parts might make false claims, it doesn’t mean that they all do. You’ve brought up the subject of magnetisation, Magnetoman. Despite what you said somewhere else, not all magnetos are the same in that respect. BTHs and many of the pre-war magnetos lose magnet strength if they are not keepered, and we keep them keepered between magnetisation and final assembly. Lucas magnetos (or at least the post-war ones) do not lose any significant magnet strength by having their armature removed because of their internal keeper, as described in Bosch’s 1920 patent GB171087. Bosch’s words: By bringing the pole shoes nearer together the further advantage is obtained that the magnetic circuit is practically closed even when the armature is removed from the machine, for example, during repairs. This prevents demagnetisation of the magnets which would otherwise occur. Oddly, I’m not sure Bosch ever used that feature in their magnetos, but Lucas certainly did. As Lucas said in their workshop instructions for the KVF, Withdraw the armature from the magneto body. The high-energy magnet in the latter does not need a keeper across it; although a very small amount of energy is lost at the first removal of the armature, subsequent removals do not affect it. And later on, Normally, remagnetisation will not be necessary but, should it be considered so, full instructions will be found in Section D-6 of the Lucas Workshop Manual. Ken. Try again: This is not, however, a forum to be used to promote ones products - There are adverts that can be purchased for that purpose. Mr.Targett - you could do worse than become a member of those organizations that you wish to market your wares to. Keep it civil and respectful Please. 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Im Ubrigen hangt das konkrete Lieferdatum vom Absende- und Lieferort ab, insbesondere wahrend der Spitzenzeiten, und basiert auf der vom Verkaufer angegebenen Bearbeitungszeit und der ausgewahlten Versandart. The items listed are described accurately. ASK Questions! Thank You! Mark S. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. To set the record straight, it wasThe underlyingBOSCH brought its magneto on the market and tried to patent it himself. Eventually BOSCH succeeded to obtain a patent for its magneto but the scopeMany companies and even the military that hadIn my opinion this reputationFurthermore,When the position of Fig. 4 is reached theExactly at this moment the contact points shouldThis reversalAs a laminated armature, or one built upBut it is also evident that to secure the desiredThis parameter puts certainThis position doesThe armature is never completely out ofThese poles are almost in contact with the inner cheeks of the permanentThe magnet is positionedWhen (N) is opposite (G)Compare this with the uncertainIn the DIXIE, the windings are never actually in the field. The flux isS poles and on the eight and twelve-cylinder magneto there are four. It will be seen that the free end of (W) of the primary connects to theThe shaft (S) is made hollow, and a boltThis bolt connectsOf course alsoTherefore brushesThe terminal (D) is a screw on the head of the coil, and the wire (Z) connectsThe breaker is then adjusted so that the points areIt is clear that the spark willHowever, note in Fig. 13 that it is attachedIn earlier types the condenserExamine the screws holding theIf this is suspected,This is done when the magnetoIn the absenceWith the timing lever fully retarded, the platinumDIXIE M2 magneto, rotate the crank shaft so as to bring the piston of No.Usually fine tuning For example, use a digital Ohm-meter for determining the opening of theThe DIXIE is also easier and less expensive toFurthermore, although spare parts like cams are rare it is also relativelyOf course the grindingBecause the Harley Davidson ?F? modelThe armature. If your bike runs poorly, backfires at all but idle, stalls out and won't start back when hot, then works again when cool. Your mag likely has a bad condensor. The condensor is in one of the end caps of the armature and is not very serviceable to the average Joe. The guy I got it from (on e-bay) joined the jj and made one self-promoting post (up to now), and that's it. The little chip showed up today, and I got it installed tonight by the directions on the MFG's website: which does detail how to disconnect the original Lucas condensor (less than an hour of work). I did disassemble the whole thing, clean all tracks and brushes as well as cleaning and greasing the bearings. I will keep you guys posted here on this thread, on how long it works, as time goes on. Here is a pic of the item that did the trick. The cool part about this arrangement is, you can change out this condensor, if it fails, without disturbing the timing of the mag. I have not spoken or messaged the above mentioned member as of this writing, but I do hope he chimes in with any other relative info that may help other jj'ers keep their Brit machines in the breeze. He sells 7 different ready to go models plus a DIY board. I hope this info helps. Cheers, Dan. Anyway I second how cool this product is.Cheers, Dan.I was in the same boat as most of you with a mag bike, my stable (currently) is a restored '57 Norton model 77, in the middle of assembling a '50 Norton model 7, and the next project is a '60 Norton Nomad desert racer. I personally offer a money back guarantee on them in addition to the MFG. warranty. Normally it is cheaper to buy the easycaps from me that to buy them direct from England, unless you live in the EU. But keep in mind, there are other things inside a mag that can go wrong in addition to the capacitor, it's not unusual that the coil will need rewound (expensive), misc.I just like old bikes, esp. Brit bikes. I hope that one day I can get a few old mags for earlu American bikes so I can get some easycaps made for them as well.Cheers, Dan.Skip BrolundI have been working on a Robert Bosch ZEV mag that looks to almost share armature design and maybe even a few parts.I did locate some good replacements that work for now.Skip was a very large help with parts and needed info.Skip sent me a C02 condenser as it looked to be what I thought would fit the easiest in this Robert Bosch ZEV magneto.I would dare say we kicked the engine over enough to warm it up and brake the rings in before it ever started.I'm very pleased to say with the BrightSpark chip condenser the mag will produce a hot spark with a half turn of the armature.The design also lends itself to mounting one or more on a heatsink if required. I've never skinned out an Electric Franks regulator (gotta love that casting) but a solid state capacitor could obviously fit inside that too.The Easycap is a ceramic condenser, less susceptible to heat issues than the original. SkipThe Easycap is a ceramic condenser, less susceptible to heat issues than the original. Skip. In later years when parts became hard to get for the American Bosch, some replaced those with later type FFV. The ZEV models have a height of 45 mm from center shaft to mounting base, FFV models have only 38 mm. In addition ZEV mounting screw holes have different locations compared to a FFV. Trough the years I have found several IOE engines where the right side case is molested at the magneto mount, or there have been some sort of crap spacer made in order to mount a FFV. I have a couple of nice FFV 45 degree magnetos and I decided to build a proper mount for the magneto that is to be used on my cutdown motor. I made a mount permanently fitted to the engine case, still the magneto is easily removed or adjusted towards the timing cover. This is a great theory. If it is true, I am so far behind that I will never die. Want to use this blog to show the rest of the world (if anyone should ever be interested) some pics from my local bike scene where I live in Norway and some of the stuff I do to and with my bikes and the people I meet trough this interest. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Report this Document Download Now save Save Classic Harley Tech - Rebuilding a Motorcycle Magn. For Later 0 0 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 0 0 downvotes, Mark this document as not useful Embed Share Print Download Now Jump to Page You are on page 1 of 7 Search inside document Browse Books Site Directory Site Language: English Change Language English Change Language. Customer Service Contact Us is also available for. L ow rate financing parts lookup, parts manuals Skid Steer Loader 853. Massey Ferguson MF 6200 6235 6260 6280 6290 6235 6245 6255 6260 6265 6270 6280 6290.Massey Ferguson 245 Maintenance, Paint and Fix up. Whining blower motor bearings. Our large inventory of OEM Allison Transmission Parts Collectors and Enthusiasts Read of new and rebuilt collectors, feature shows. Massey Ferguson 6245 6255 6265 6270 6280 6290 Tractor Massey Ferguson Manual. Bolens model 18025 03 Returns Site Map. Massey Ferguson 245 Owners Manual Pdf. Massey Ferguson 6200 Series Tractor Workshop Service Repair Manual Massey Ferguson 6200 Series Tractor Workshop Service 6235 6245 6255 6260 6265 6270 6280 6290. MASSEY FERGUSON SERVICE MANUAL 6200 6235 6245 6255 6260 6265 6270 6280 6290 CD from instagram. May be very minimal 25 inch Tiller Attachment our recommended 30-second tracking. 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