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Can anyone answer the below questions?

It is my understanding that domicile and allegiance is everything in terms of the laws of a state or a county. I am also under the impression that a person can elect to change their domicile and allegiance if  they so choose and it is absolute.  In other words, if a person decides that the laws and the people of an area in which he lives are injurious of his life liberty and property, he is entitled to withhold his allegiance and shift his domicile to a place where better protection is afforded.  

I have always known that I am not of this world and my home was heavenly.  If the above is true and I choose a heavenly domicile and that is where my allegiance lies I am also under the impression that I am not subject to state or county statutes and I can thus refuse their services and I am not obligated to pay property or income tax.  In terms of the courts they can do nothing to stop this process. it is absolute and the courts have absolutely no remedy.  Now a person thus becomes foreign and everyone else now becomes foreigners.The state and the county now do not have any political jurisdiction over persons.

The reason I ask is because I am unclear as to what happens If I proceed with the upper scenario and change my political jurisdiction.Can they now simple turn off my city water and sewage and  what happens to a home mortgage even though I pay on time? Can I go into some form of default?  Seems it is all connected and I continue their services and thus reestablishing a domicile once again where I live and once again under their political jurisdiction.  

I would like to no doubt change my political jurisdiction but I am unclear as to how all this plays out.  You mentioned a passport and a birth certificate is enough.  I can understand this scenario if a person has land free and clear and a well on their property with no mortgage but not everyone has this luxury.  Many different scenarios.