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Cannot be compelled to produce an ssn.

I know people who have gotten a passport without giving an ssn. I was denied for failing to provide an ssn, but the code that was cited had to do with certain unpaid taxes. i wrote back citing the code that includes penalties for compelling someone to produce an ssn. I also pointed out that the code that ws cited to deny a passport for not providing an ssn was a sub paragraph under a code for certain unpaid taxes. I pointed out that first there had to be unpaid taxes and only then could they deny for not producing an ssn. I wrote to both of my senators and my congressman and sent them a copy of the letter i got from them and the one i sent to them.

You will note that since you are citing code that makes it a felony for compelling someone to provide an ssn, nobody is putting a name on the letters they send out.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Dont Fiddle with the ds-11 form

Some are having success writing there own oath with supporting case law and ANNEXING it to the application. That way you are not "defacing" their forms and you have all the room in the world to state your cause..plus because it is ANNEXED it is a part of the record, forever.

Attached is a letter from The Dept of the state that says it is ok to do just that.



File Attachments: 

One of the People of the united states of America.

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It is not fiddling

It is not fiddling when one merely fills out the form. Answering "No" to the question about your parents being a US citizen, is not fiddling. It is fiddling if one changes any of the text of their form. I may have a resolution soon to the issue, but i will have to see if it works.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?


I look forward to any resolution, they denied mine because of the irs code just like they did yours, but confronting them got nothing, got nothing back but the expired passport, they said I would have to submit another application and pay the full amount again. 


Check this out !

The process by which to submit a change in passport status, as already mentioned, is clearly identified at Colonel Wilson's website.  You cannot go wrong if you follow these procedures.


Richard Heidelberg

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I have a modified ds 11 form.

I have a modified ds 11 form.. Instead of asking if you are a US citizen it asks if you are a National.. Also it has all zeros where the SSN goes.. I'm filling it out tomorrow the way copper moo shine stills say.. 

:Brodies: Myles

modified DS11

Not sure that will work.   You do not need to indicate your a National.  Just do not select anything saying you are a U.S. Citizen.  As I said already Mr. Wilson has precise instructions on how to apply.  I told them I lost my passport and filled out another form showing how it was lost.  Easy process if you follow his steps exactly as written.  Also, unless your going to disengage with Social Security, you need to fill out an SS-5 and tell them you need a copy of your Social Security card indicating on this document that you are not a U.S. Citizen and select OTHER!!!!!  

Richard Heidelberg


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