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Right To Travel

This is for those who are Sovereign and do not contract with the State to travel, when not conducting business for hire or "Driving for hire"

I have used the Right To Travel when stopped and a Sheriff and his deputy took their time, while I loaded up a friends car that was broke down.  I do not have a "Driver's License" nor "Register" my vehicles nor trailers with anyone.  They both read the Handout, which I carry in my vehicle at all times.  I have one for myself and one for my wife, just in case we are stopped for any reason.  The Sheriff actually said, "I need to know this", which I replied, "We all need to know this".  He did come back and state, "Texas Law says that I have to at least give you a citation or arrest you for driving without a license or registering your vehicle", which I replied, "Sir, didn't you take an Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution?", his reply, "Yes, Sir", so I came back with, "No law can supersede the Constitution, not even a state law and you took an Oath to support and defend the Constitution, which states, which you just read, that these are our roads and I have a Right to Travel on them, whenever and where ever we want".  His reply was Golden..."Have a good day Mr. Townsend" and walked off, with his deputy in tow.  Here are both articles, but I only carry the "Right To Travel" and I'm planning on going down to hand the Chief of Police and the Sheriff's Office the "Police Bulletin Handout"...so there is no confusion if I ever get stopped.  I could take off my license plate, but I keep it on, only so if they pull up and run my plates, they will know who I am and probably have a note to state what I'm about to give them.  I'm not running from them or trying anything illegal, but defending my Rights, which we all should, but with a Great Attitude and I love saying, when they make a stupid comment..."I understand you think that".  Most every Law Enforcement Officer does NOT read the laws, for which they give citations for, but are only trained by their former superiors and think they know the law, but if trained incorrectly, how will they ever know, unless we teach them, but do it with Respect and it will get you a lot further than with a haughty, horrible attitude. 

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Amen Brother.

What this shows us is that not all law enforcement officers abuse their authority. some of them will acknowledge they do not know everything and are willing to learn. Many law enforcement officers do want to defend our freedoms and provide protection for those of us who do not victimize others.

So if we start out giving the officer the benefit of the doubt and presume he is one of the goods guys and treat him with the respect he deserves, he just might treat you with equal respect and listen to what you have to say.

Liberty and ignorance cannot co-exist, because
"He who sleeps on his rights has none."

Superior Court Chief Justice Badge #20001

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Coppers are not required to

Coppers are not required to know the law. They enforce "policy". That's why they're called "police". Policy is not law. Coppers are trained that way for a reason -- because if they discovered they are not enforcing law, but just policy, the GOV-CORP would lose their police force and all control of society. That's why the GOV-CORP recruits military guys to become coppers. Military guys take orders without questioning their commander -- just like a dog does. That's why they call those little metal tags the soldiers wear "dog tags". Really, military and war is a dog fight. It's not about right and wrong. It's about balancing the books from people's ESTATES. Creepy and Satanic? You bet.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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